Save the environment

Make those who dislike English love it? Fill a lesson with something new and unusual? Motivate and encourage to save the environment?

It is easy for me to answer these “difficult questions” after our amazing English lesson, where my classmates and I showed our great project called “ The Earth or the death?..”. What is more, we were like the teachers because the lesson was planned by ourselves. The teacher inspired us to do it.

Frankly speaking, we spent lots of time, power and energy to have such wonderful results as the video about our planet, interesting facts and sayings on nature , some pieces of advice how to become environmentally-friendly.

Moreover, this project helps us to understand that the Earth is like a teacher: it gives marks to everything happened, teaches and corrects. We are bad students who understand nothing without punishment. It’s really horrible to realize but humans are nowadays more dangerous than animals. Air and water pollution, cutting trees, killing endangered species, - what will be the next? I don’t want even to suppose…

Just remember that the Earth doesn’t want to be loved, it wants to be saved!

Галерея "Save the environment"

Save the environment

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